Why Lovshaker ?

Thanks to its proven formula and innovative packaging, LOVSHAKER MAN  to provide the nutrients required to regain your sexual performance by having regular sexual activity.

RECIPE  :L-arginine, Zinc, Kola nuts, apple, grapes and cocoa.

The recipe has been developed in Switzerland and validated by the laboratory N.C.C  G.M.P Standard.

We enriched our recipe in  ZINC as it is an important component of seminal fluid which participates in the maintenance of testosterone level.

LOVSHAKER MAN is a food supplement to be taken sublingually (under the tongue).

The MIXPAK SYSTEM pouch enables the conservation vacuum nutrient. The development solution just before administration ensure optimum efficiency.

The original design of this product and its sublingual absorption will allow LOVSHAKER MAN effects to be felt quickly after administration.

This innovation does not cause addiction and naturally promotes libido.

In regular course LOVSHAKER MAN helps restore normal reproduction functions without medicine treatment.



Abuse of love is good for health !

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